What is ATE Insurance?

After The Event Insurance is a single risk policy providing a pre-arranged amount of cover for:

Adverse Costs (the amount the litigant might have to pay if he loses and the court orders him to pay the winner’s costs).
Own disbursements (such as court fees and expert costs) together with the premium paid.
Whilst it is not the norm in the market place, we pay an additional premium to cover the funds we have advanced so in the event of a case loss the capital advanced is not at risk.

The availability of and rates for ATE insurance are case-specific. The risk, (the need to sue), has already arisen. The underwriter sets the rate by investigating the claim and assessing the prospects for and against the case winning.

The underwriter’s art is a mixture of legal experience, skill and the application of agreed risk parameters (the risk matrix), through which he can predict the likelihood of cases winning with a good degree of certainty at the preliminary stage.

Case selection

In order for cases to be recommended to CFS for investment by the Advisory Board, a strict criteria must be met. To find out more, follow the link below.

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