What is the criteria

In order for cases to be recommended to CFS for investment by the Advisory Committee, the following criteria must be met:

All cases introduced by carefully selected law firms who specialise in commercial litigation and already have a positive indication of success from a QC.

Extensive due diligence conducted by Knights PLC, ATE Underwriters and members of the Advisory Board.

Cases must have a high probability of success within an acceptable timescale (Usually sub-24 Months).

Cases must pass the “Quantum of Damages” and “Quality of Defendant” tests.

Principal Protection, usually via a blend of AA, A+, A and A- Rated ATE insurance, must be available to secure funder’s capital.

How does it work

The law now allows Claimants to be advanced sums under funding facilities. In exchange, the claimants to the action enter in to a detailed contract under which, in exchange for the funding, they agree to pay a contingent share of their damages.

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